News from Marianne

Partner Training

Sign up with a Friend– The Partner Training Special!
For those who have a hard time motivating themselves, it might be easier to do this together with a good friend. My new package combines fun, friendship and great workouts completed together. I can train close friends, siblings, or couples together and make both of you more ambitious to achieve your individual goals.

Find out more here about the Partner Training Special

Running Trails

I have discovered some great running trails over the years.  Depending on your fitness level and goals, there are flat courses and more challenging trails to run on together. Whether you want to begin a running program or train for an event, running trails are great workouts. 

Fitness Studio / Bootcamp / Piloxing

I am working on finding space for an indoor training studio, as an added option.


Boot Camp Classes are available (seasonal)


Piloxing coming soon!